Family Tree 1800s in Hyson Green and Radford

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Hi all

Well, like a lot of folks I'm looking for the elusive ancestors of my family who were living in the Radford and Hyson Green particular Lenton Terrace, Hyson Green which is not on a lot of maps I have seen. Does anyone know of this??

My family moved to this area around 1870 and were around Bovill Street, Independent Street, Ossington Street and Moorgate Street. ( yes they moved a lot!!!)

The son ended up marrying a girl who lived in De Ligne Street,(23) and from there my family lived in Sneinton, Basford, West Bridgford and Edwalton.

Their surnames were Jones and Atkins and Limb. The girl in De Ligne Street, Annie had an Irish Father called Glynn.

Has anyone else done any research in this area or timeline and in particular have any pictures of the area around 1860 to 1915?

I would be grateful to hear from you.....

Thanks ..


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Welcome Rachael. To answer one of your questions straight away......if you want photos of the relevant areas, go here and use the Search box.

As for the locations of the roads you mentioned, I can identify them all - apart from Lenton Terrace, Hyson Green, although there was a Lenton Street in Hyson Green.

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Lenton terrace consisted of four houses off of Lenton Street (between numbers 11 & 13 )

Lenton Sreet was off Radford Road (234 Radford Road)

Lenton Street & Terrace were both nothrough roads.

Information Kelly's directory 1950.

Map reference SK5541(NE)

I have this map with Lenton Terrace on.

The map is quite large scale & dated 1954

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The parish records of St. Stephen's church are worth looking through. I have ancestors from Radford/Hyson Green, mostly Binghams and Blowers, including Tom Blower the channel swimmer who lived in Hyson Green, although he's a bit off to the side on my tree.

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I was born on Lenton Terrace in 1947a and lived there until it was demolished in the early 60's

We lived at number 1, Mrs Hilton at number 2 (her granddaughter still lives in Nottm, several families came and went at number 3

The entrance to number 4 was on Archer street  

There are a couple of photos of Lenton street on the web

including one of a street party from 1953 (Coronation)

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Hi Rachael, I've just joined this forum having found your post from a search so I don't know if you're still active but I'm also related to and researching Jones / Atkins / Limb in Hyson Green / Radford and beyond (so many places! :mellow:) . I was wondering the name of the 'son' you mentioned?

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