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The tank that fell off the Lightening actually landed on the centre of Nottingham Road next door but one to our house. For many years you could see the mark on the road where it landed. I was about 10 at the time and came home from scool at lunch to find the area swarming with police and fire brigade. The whole area smelt strongly of kerosene and there were bits of tank everywhere, one small piece of which I still have. In those days you had to have two aerials if you had ITV and BBC, the flying debris sliced one of our cables in two but missed the other. It wasn't long before top brass from Derby arrived to inspect the damage and promise repairs. Our front lawn had to be dug up and replaced, the flower display that was provided for the summer was spectacular. The main thing was that nobody was injured, the only damage was cosmetic and was put right so all in all we got off lightly. If my memory serves me correctly the pilot was Canadian, name of Jim Jackson.

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On 2/18/2015 at 2:45 AM, benjamin1945 said:

I REMEMBER the ' Hucknall air displays' Brian,on bank holidays in the 50s,when we used to picnic on Bulwell Common or Bulwell Hall Park.,for a great view.

Brings back memories in the 70s watching an air display on the old train embankments of bulwell hall just as you enter as if going to bulwell hall park , the Blue angels jets flew right over us , and my brother ran away with is hands over his ears , the noise as they flew over was so loud , the jets flew over , then the thundering scream came , blummin exciting that was !!!

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