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I have an address on a 1917 death certificate of Sandon Road Nottingham. I am aware that Chelmsford Road changed from a street to a road at some time or other but does anyone know if Sandon Road became Sandon Street - as in Sandon Street off Sherwood Rise at side of Djanogly Academy or has Sandon Road, Nottingham long gone? The death cert. has no mention of Basford.

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In Kelly's directory of 1916 it's listed as Sandon Street.

It ran from 49 Nottingham Road to Gawthorne Street.

And is listed as Broxtowe

odd numbers 1 - 57

even numbers 2 - 96

Sandon street is still listed in 1972

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And it was Sandon Street in 1891 (Kelly's directory)

so as far as I can see it has been Sandon street since 1891 at least.

I imagine Sandon Street was built sometime in the 1880s(not in Morris directory of 1869)

And can find no record of a Sandon Road up to 1972.

It would be the same one as Sherwood Rise becomes Nottingham Road somewhere near to this point

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