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Draughtsman on leaving school that lasted all of 3 months

Apprentice Dental Tech soon as I passed City & Guilds got the boot.

Warp knitter

Fiberglass layup & chopper gun on boats NASTY

Auto Mechanic / Body shop

Back to Dental / owner

Part time racing engine builder

Still banging out choppers.

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After leaving school at 17, I did 2 years Orthopaedic nursing at Harlow Wood followed by 2 years General training at Leicester Royal Infirmary. After qualifying, I stayed on as a Staff Nurse at Leice

After spending most of my working life in Retail of one kind or another. I gave up the long hours of running a BeerOff for a less demanding job. I needed to earn money, so I temporarily took a "Domest

Still work a little bit. Fill in for our preacher if he is sick or on holiday. Not exactly a regular job, but exercises the brain cells (what's left of 'em) once in a while.

#42 colly0410,

I just managed to scrape in & claim pension credit at 62 and a quarter. Mrs Catfan missed out tho, now 60 yrs her retirement age is 66 & no bus pass untill then.

When I was 60 I got free prescriptions & err that's it, used to get so many things for free at 60, not any more.

Jobs since school - mining apprentice then belt staff & on the diesel locos, army, on the dole & temp bar/van driving jobs early to mid 80's, taxi driver, driving instructor, security guard, housekeeper at QMC (still there)

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Iam still working at the same place i started at in 1971 after i emmigrated to Canada i am a millwright in steel pipe manufacturing plant i still swing sledge hammers repair overhead cranes iam starting to slow down a bit now i will be 73 in January dont feel too old yet.

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