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I tried using a colander to view the eclipse. I think I've strained my eyes.

The missus always goes overkill. She's bought me this today, in case I'm sent out to do the bins during the 'event'...

You might have heard there will be a solar eclipse this Friday morning, the first for sixteen years. Already the Health and Safety brigade are out. Because it will occur during the morning rush hour,

I have finally got around to posting my photos of the eclipse. Cloud allowed me to get away with using an old Cokin sepia filter for most of the shots but alas, when it came to almost totality the cloud cleared and the intensity of light made it impossible too get the ultimate photo. Notice how the light was eerie and the shadows were long and very black at near totality. Click on thumbnails for full picture:

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Where we live, it was sunny up to about 10.45 then it was dull and dismal till around 12.  Whether that was a result of the eclipse or just the weather, I’ve no idea….

it’s gone dull again in the last hour so perhaps it was just the weather :wacko:

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Did anyone have a piece of seaweed when they were little?  It was supposed to predict if it was going to rain…. But it didn’t work for me.  It just got wet when it WAS raining !

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