Hull family, me a long lost colonial

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My grandfather left Nottingham somewhere around 1900, went to New Zealand. My uncle visited Nottingham in the '60,s, told of family dyr works "under the castle." I have just discovered the caves of Nottingham on the Internet, and it fell into place. Grandad never said much about "the old country" as he called it, other than tales of Robin Hood.

I now live in Kentucky, USA, old geezer of 74, and often wonder about family and places way back. Anyway, if any Hull's see this, hello from me.

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It suddenly rang a bell; we've been here before. Dye works near the Castle.


This is March Street; the Dye Works on the map is somewhere on the right.


Although on an earlier map the Dye Works is at the top of the road.


The topic first appeared in this thread

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