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NEP doesn't give specific details but this is not the full story.

They could have been with the parents on the streets of London begging.

What is obvious is they know the ropes on what to ask for, send em back, NOT to Nottingham.

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I read in the paper today, that we are 'eighth' in the list of countries swamped by assylum seekers, with 31200 in the last year (up 32% on previous year).

Germany was top with 175,000 and Italy, Spain and even Turkey ALL had more than twice as many as UK.

So maybe we are not so much a laughing stock as we think?

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If the parents were back 'home' in Nottingham, presumably the eldest child gave the police details of how to contact them.

But it just shows what different values these people have, any British parents would have been beside themselves with worry, yet these would seem not even to have been reported.

Unless of course, they had some reason for not wanting the police to become involved!

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It should be a concern that these kids were wandering around London in the early hours.

At the same time I read of armed police closing down a street in West Bridgford for 4 hours.The reason was because they were raiding a house where someone had 'pot plants' on the premises.

An estimated 20 officers and several police cars were involved.I do not condone growing weed,but was this an over-kill?

I would be interested to hear members views on this subject.

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Anything with the word "Drugs" is a big deal for the police. A huge portion of the budget goes into policing our drug laws and any opportunity the Drug Squad can get to exercise power over daft pot growers is a bonus for them.

In Scotland you get long prison sentences for drug offences. There was a case some years ago where two lads from London rented a house on the far north coast and tried to make Ecstasy from materials bough in a Thurso chemist shop. They failed in tehir efforts but were raided by teh drugs squad and each got 10yrs imprisonment for the attempt, eveen though they completely failed.

A boat was caught unloading Cannabis in the North Sea off Wick about 15 years ago. As the coastguard approached the boat one of the officers foolishly jumped into the drug boat but missed and was killed, crushed between the two boats. As a result, the smugglers each got 28yrs in prison.

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Spot on Catfan they are only temps in those countries as they head in our direction where they will settle.

Cannot be so Catfan and NBL. The figures would have to be higher. Mathematically 'impossible' to be as you suggest.

We are talking 'assylum' seeking here, not entering illegally or coming in legally from other european countries.

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