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Yesterday at around 2.30pm, we had ventured out (just for a break) and drove to 'Home Bargains' on the Stafford Road, about two miles from home. We had to drive very slowly but it was possible. The sn

Well, here's something you will definitely not see in Nottingham.   It's a cotton field, Y'all.     I put it in this thread because as you drive towards it it looks like

Still on the subject of nursery rhymes...   "The Grand Old Duke Of York he had ten thousand men, but all (except one) were snowed up in their cars and can't get out again"

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The last snowfall. You can see Monviso in the background in the first photo and the rest of the alps in the others

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Forest's Zigger Zagger, Joe Baker and Ian Storey-Moore with Ian St John

The multi-million pound jessies of today would not play on pitch like that they would get their tootsies and dandy-paws cold. Well remember the orange ball and the cleared snow from the lines on the pitch with the lines marked in blue.

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I remember when the initial influx of foreign players descended upon us. Chelsea signed a French player, Frank Lebouf. He wore a long sleeved white nylon T shirt under his Chelsea shirt, and gloves. Mid winter ? A November night at Newcastle ? Sleet in February ?

No ! It was a home game in mid September. What a ponce !

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