Black holes & quantum physics.

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In New Scientist that the universes rate of expansion seems to be accelerating even faster that they thought it was. They admit they don't have a clue why. They thought that when they started getting data from the gravity wave detectors in 2015 that things would start to make sense, but actually things are making less sense. Lots of head scratching going on in boffin world at the moment...

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New Scientist speculated a few years ago that the increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere could cause a massive increase in plant life that could suck up so much CO2 that it'd go below present levels. This'd then probably cause global cooling & another ice age. Nature has a habit of not doing what boffins think will happen... 

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At Fermi-lab they have achieved quantum teleportation of 23.7 miles, furthest ever AFAIK. However I speculate that NSA, CIA, KGB & GCHQ have been using quantum technology in super computers & for communications for years. Of course I have no evidence or proof for my speculations, but if they are they're not going to tell US are they? 

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Colly, I wish I could understand all that.  Don’t suppose they have teleported a fly, have they!   There’s one dozy one in our house that I wish would teleport elsewhere.  It obviously isn’t an English fly as I’ve asked it several times to please go out into the garden but it doesn’t understand (or perhaps just chooses to stay inside). I like animals but I don’t want to be his/her best friend :bluespin04:

Btw, do you know what the number 137 means?  I was notified about it on Facebook?

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There you go margie... fill yer boots..

I think a quick squirt of Flit will transport your fly to a more agreeble state margie..


As for teleporting I'm yet to be conviced. Many scientists have claimed to have proven atomic theory only to be proved wrong.

There was a Canadian company that claimed to have built a quantum computer... except they hadn't... see Bohrs and Sommerfield for models of electron movement.


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