Philamore Lincoln (or Mike Anson / CRANSON or Philip Kinorra)

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here - sorry if I'm doing this all wrong; never been on a forum before.

I'm trying to get hold of an English singer from the 60s called Philamore Lincoln (whose real name is Philip Kinorra, I think). His brother is Mick or Mike Anson, who was a face or mod I believe in the 60s.

Does anyone know how I can get hold of either one of them? Or even just what city they reside in now?

I just graduated recently and am making an indie film. I'd like to feature Philamore Lincoln in part of it. Also, I host a radio show in Canada that features obscure music of the 1960s so am really interested in interviewing him at some point if possible. My show is

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards:)

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According to wicki also known as Julian Covey

Seems to have been discussed before

. I am sure I have this single somewhere but never knew he was from Nottingham

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The subject of Philamore Lincoln cropped up in another thread.


I'd never heard any of his material, so had a look on Youtube. He seems to be a good case of "Album which no-one bought at the time but is now regarded as a lost classic" .  The whole thing is on Youtube.


And one of the few occasions you'll find Sherwood, Nottingham, mentioned on Youtube.


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I've still not listened to the Philamore Lincoln stuff.  I will get around to it.  I have to say I'd never heard of him until HSR raised the issue  in the  Music thread.   I also wasn't aware he'd written Temma Harbour, under the pseudonym Robert Anson.  Mary Hopkin's version of that always reminds me of the downstairs lounge at the 360 Club where I used to often take a break from DJing upstairs.  The song was on the Jukebox.


I've also long known the song 'A Little Bit Hurt'.. though as a 'northern soul' tune..and again I didn't know there was Nottm. connection. I heard it some time after I'd stopped DJ ing and just assumed it was another obscure American release..... proving what a boss of mine used to say.... 'It is fatal to assume'.   Always good to pick up snippets like that.


A bit mystified as to why old Philamore/Robert/Julian/Julien has stayed under the radar...


A bit like P.F.Sloan....


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Further on Philamore Lincoln. 


It seems that the Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide only lists the two singles:


Running By The River/Rainy Day  and The County Jail Band/You're The One.


No mention of the album. Though if it was only recorded and issued in the US that would explain it.  If it was issued here.. it's a bit of a mystery.


However, whilst researching this and speaking to my old friend Graham Wyvill..who was in a band with Rik Kenton in the 60s... Graham told me of a band he was in in the late 70s..called The Ritz.  You have to scroll a long way down on  Youtube to find it, as there have been a few bands called the Ritz, but here's a single from them: Graham on the right.




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