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Happy 24th Birthday Robin.

Have a great day,hope the weather is kind to you..............see how nice we are on here lips0

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Happy Birthday!! Do you want to trade, I'll be 24, you be 35? smile2

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:tease: The passage of time is to this day and has always been a mistery to one who like so many aging people wishing they were a little younger and wiser.

as the ravages of time takes it's revenge, those day's so long ago spent sunbathing with very little and quite inadequate sun protection has finally caught up with one.

the furrowed brows one sees by the unfriendly bathroom mirrow light could tell a tale or to, and as one counts the lines ones memories, one after another, of holidays long gone flash past the reflection in the mirror.

but don't let that upset you and ruin your day robin, that time is far far away.

my advice would be, don't have a light above the mirror in the bathroom.....BiP..

Anyway have a good un mate and don't forget if she's got a sister and she's younger than her give me a word, cheers BiP......... !rotfl!

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:Friends: You see there are some friendly sites out there

and you'll get no bullsh1t either mate on here, we tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but! :Friends:

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