Drones - good or bad ?

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Santa brought my lad one of them at Christmas ! Not seen it yet but he sent a few pictures taken fro the video.


Bulwell from the air !








There's a certain secret place in Nottm with no access, plans in progress now he has this !


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They decided to start slowly moneywise then if they prang it, it would be no great loss. However they have yet to damage it and are already talking about the next level.


I have thought about one for work, high level surveys etc, but I understand you have to be licenced to use one for work. It would be useful though, checking lead work, gutters etc and not even having to get the ladders of the van.

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It seems to me that Drones confer priveleges and responsibilities just like many other products.


Some of the nature/wildlife stuff that has been enabled by Drones is quite stunning.  But then we've always been quite unashamed in the way we invade the privacy of our fellow planet dwellers and seem especially attracted to watching animal mating behaviour.  If it was humans it would be called 'porn'.


Long before drones were available, I was considering ways of using kites to take aerial photos. I wasn't the first and I just wanted to get above ground..


On balance, I'd say that drones, used responsibly, are a 'good thing'.


But if I ever see one hovering over my garden whilst I or my family are enjoying our privacy.. I will do my best to shoot it out of the sky.


Just because you can.. doesn't mean you have a right to....



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