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Pixie. Get a book and record all your children's milestones and keep looking back to see how they are progressing. Sure bringing up kids is boring. But it isn't really. Just while they are very young you can become tied down a bit. When they become more mobile and independent, you will find things a lot less boring.

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I did feel quite blessed that both my children choose to join Mrs Red & I @ midnight outside Nottingham Castle to welcome in the New Year & watch the fireworks , you can have the world & have f'all. ;)

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Until my son was born we were poor as church mice but managed to go out and about enjoying life. After he was born I, full of arrogance and you know what said "he'll have to fit in to our life style, I don't see that much will change because we have a baby" bwaaaaah haha.

What a pompous twit.

Within weeks, despite working all the hours god sent I couldn't get home quick enough or spend enough time with him. Watching him grow, teaching him things, sharing adventures was the most amazing time of my life.Then seven years later we had a daughter and I got to do it all again, being bored with it is not something I remember.

As others here have said it's only a short time before you look back and think, wow, where did the time go.

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