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Off topic I know but we were living on Grundy Street when I went to Berridge.  Our Mam could look over the garden wall to see if we were en route.

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On 2/18/2021 at 5:14 PM, Jill Sparrow said:

There was indeed and I am her younger sister!  We may know each other?

I remember Julie, she was friends with my cousin Su Pollard. Like Su I think she went to Peveril School but I didn't really know her personally. I think you lived close to Josephine Jordan didn't you? That part of Bobber's Mill Road was great, I remember a gang of us used to have one metal roller skate each with a piece of floor boarding across it, sit on it and fly down past your house on the pavement and round the corner at the bottom. You wouldn't like to try it today with the amount of traffic on the road. It was also the place we used to wait for the Shipstone's horses pulling the wagons on their way back to the Star Brewery. The fun was trying to hang onto the back of the wagon while hitching a ride up the hill! Great memories!! 

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Oh yes, my sister and the roller skates! I wasn't involved. Too young. Known, colloquially, as skating round The Cappo (Capitol Cinema).


Julie and Su were both at Berridge and Peveril. They got involved with the Cooperative Arts Theatre via a teacher at Peveril. In their early 20s, Julie and Su shared a flat in West Bridgford before Su landed a role in The Desert Song with John Hansen and went off to London. They stayed in touch for many years and have now, sadly, lost touch.


Josie Jordan, yes, lived next door but one in the bottom house. We don't know where she went to school but Julie says it wasn't Peveril. Bit of a tearaway was Josie.


I remember the house where Su lived on Prospect Terrace with Don and Hilda and Jean. When that was demolished, Don and Hilda decamped to the East Coast.  Su also had a relative who lived on one of the streets running off Churchfield Lane. Wordsworth, Grimston or Glentworth. Not sure who that was.

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