School Dinners ? Love em or Hate em !

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I remember Miss Parsons Summer, although she was a teacher in the girls school. My two sisters had a strong dislike for her.

She used to drive an immaculate maroon coloured Wolsley 1500 motor car.

Funny how some things stick in your mind.

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As the title says. Personally I loved them. With the only exception of Bread & Butter Pudding, URGGGGGGGGH ! Attending school in the 50s fom a poor background school dinners were loo

I hated school dinners, except for the fish we had on Fridays and cornflake tart. I once wrote a note allegedly from my mum to say I was allergic to mashed potato and mustn't be forced to eat it. Un

It certainly was just water Smiffy. Now it's in plastic jugs as the metal ones were aluminium and that is probably why we are all batty

I'm glad someone else remembers Miss Parsons she used to inspect your hands before cookery she was an ogre.I was at the girl's school but can't remember Players boys.

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Crikey ..... Manchester United’s youngster Marcus Rashford has had more of a influence on government policy in the last 48 hours, than Jeremy Corbyn had in his 5 years as Labour leader! 

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Radfordred, . As he says himself, his position gives him the clout.It's a good article, and it's obvious he had the same problems as a child getting enough food. Not stopped him becoming a top footballer, and obviously cares about his world.

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