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How many of you remember when these were a common sight flitting around Nottingham from the two railway stations?    

Don't worry folks, in a couple of years time there will be a revolutionary new transport system. You could call them, let's say, trolley buses, don't know why nobody thought of it before...

The tram driver didn’t have his hands on the steeering wheel.

In the 1970s and 80s I was one of those that ran the Midland Counties Aviation Society, Nottingham Branch. This photo was taken at one of our meetings, held in one of the University lodges on Derby Road. I invited Ronnie Harker to give us a talk about his career, and he came up from Knightsbridge, London. The photo taken that night shows:


1 and 5 were RR Hucknall people.

2 is Ted Gibson. He was Rolls-Royce's first liaison engineer and before the war used to go to the aircraft manufacturers like Fairey and Hawker and fly in their aircraft powered by RR engines and report on the tests and give advice. He ran the engine of the first Spitfire before handing the aircraft over to the test pilot to make the first flight.

3 is Frank Carey. He was a Battle of Britain pilot, shooting down four enemy aircraft. It is said that he shot down more enemy aircraft in the European and Far East wars than any other RAF pilot, but it could not be proved because he lost his logbooks. He lived in Beeston. I told the Evening Post about him and it produced an article in the paper.

4 is Ronnie Harker.

6 is guess who?



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20 minutes ago, catfan said:

Is that a wig you wearing Chulla ? smile2


Nothing has changed since those days, CF. Get yourself to Specsavers.

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