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If you've got an old FM dipole kicking around not being used you can cut it to about half it's length & it'll work on DAB. This works because DAB is about twice the frequency of FM. FM band is 87.5 Mhz to 108 Mhz, DAB band is from 174.928 Mhz to 229.072 Mhz so about double the FM frequency.

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Of yeah, DAB transmissions are all vertically polarised, so DAB aerials need there rods vertical. Most FM transmissions are mixed polarisation so it doesn't matter if the aerial rods are vertical, horizontal or slanted..

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Selling post put on at 07:28pm Saturday. Buying post put on at 07:28pm Sunday. You can come and work for me, nnsc. :biggrin:

Well I never, I didn't realise!

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