Windows 10 At Last !

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Just downloaded & installed the Windows 10 anniversary update, one year after the free upgrade from Win 7, 8, & 8.1.

This update does a load of enhancements & sucurity updates. A bit like fine tuning an already fast car.


One PC done, three more to do !

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It's a roll-out programme.  Mine flagged up as pending update a couple of days ago (have a look in 'Settings' then 'Update and Security', force it to check for updates if you are inclined).  The 'Anniversary Update' is actually 1607 (meaning it was planned for July 2016).


In my update history it now says:  Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176936)


Slight concern for me was that it downloaded OK and then went into the phase of "Updating Windows, do not turn your computer off" (or words to that effect).  It was taking ages so I left it running, forgetting that it was on battery power.  Battery went flat..... oops!  Anyway, as per above message I think I got away with it; seems to be working OK.


As with others, I had been shying away from Windows 10 in the comfort of Windows 7 until the fateful day when my laptop (which for some time had been getting rather hot underneath) went pop.  Dead as the proverbial.  Hard drive was OK though (connected it to another PC to retrieve files) so am now on a new laptop which came with Windows 10.  So far am quite liking Windows 10.  Poked around all the settings to disable the pryware.  All of my programmes work OK (some seem better but maybe that's because my new lappy is higher spec. than old one).

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I installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (I think it's called that) last Friday, and for a spell that afternoon, and again on Saturday the screen kept momentarily going black. It turned out it was installing lots of driver updates for the graphics card on both occasions which the Anniversary Update had seemingly caused to be necessary. 


But it's been OK since the second lot on Saturday (typing this with fingers crossed).


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