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Thank you for the replies!! I lived at No 65 - the lampost on the right of the photo was right outside the shop, I used to read in bed at night by the light of it as my dad was a thrifty Yorkshireman

Is any of the old Medders left?? I lived on Kinglake Street, there was a school opposite my mum's shop which was next door to an old Boots warehouse, it became an industrial cleaning company in the 70

Wow thank you Cliff Ton, are you a librarian? The family lived over the shop, the door on the left was the entrance to the big kitchen where the son used to be peeling potatoes day and night. I'm tr

I went back to Kinglake Street (well, Place as it is now) tis weekend to show my daughter where she spent her childhood.  Oh my, changed beyond recognition.  My parents ran the shop opposite the school from 1966 to 1975.  I think I can remember someone posting a photo a couple of years ago - can anyone help me please as I would love a picture to show her.? 


Apologies if I am using the wrong forum - please let me know!!  

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Welcome back OrphanAnnie.


It was you :rolleyes: who started this thread about Kinglake Street/Place a few years ago !!


I've now merged it with the new you started yesterday. Go back to the beginning of this thread and you'll see the photos you referred to.




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