The Meadows from above - 1950s

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The biggest part of the old Meadows which still survives is the area around Turney / Pyatt Street. This is early 1950s and a lot is still there. The long building in the centre-left is the bus garage, with Bunbury St going diagonally across the photo.


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Don't forget there is still the other chunk, the other side of Wilford Crescent; Glapton, Woolmer, Beauvale, Holgate and Mundella Roads, Wilford Grove.

I can see my old house in both maps.

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Is the library still on Wilford Crescent (or was it Wilford Grove)? Used to spend lunchtimes in there when it was raining. When it was fine we would wander round the Mem Gardens off the embankment. hellothere

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