Pictures from an old Nottingham film

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Images from a film of Nottingham in the late 40s / early 50s. And as they are taken from a film they aren’t too sharp, but you’ll get the general idea.

Looking across the Market Square towards Beastmarket Hill, with a trolley bus heading towards the Meadows.


Looking up King / Queen Street.


The trolley bus stop almost outside The Bell (off to the right). The lettering on the sign says “Trolleybuses depart here for Bulwell Market Routes 42 and 43".


The bus stops opposite Long Row - the Market Square is off to the left. The bus coming in has “Broxtowe Estate” on the rear blind.


Looking up Angel Row. The white, vertical building furthest right is the Odeon. Moving down left you eventually come to The Bell, with the statue of Queen victoria in the centre of the road


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And a few more.

Scene you couldn’t see now………the bus stops along Long Row (opposite Griffin & Spalding). Including two miners who have obviously come straight from the pit still covered in coal dust - and a policeman in uniform going home on the bus.


And just to prove it - policeman puts his paper away and gets on a bus to Broxtowe. Imagine that now.


The Long Row side of the Council House, when Burtons were still there.


Walking along Long Row towards the Market Square; note the entrance awning with “Black Boy Hotel”.


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Queen Vics statue was moved in 1953 according to the book "Nottingham 1897-1947".

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I knew I'd seen it around somewhere before ! That's obviously some of the footage which I was using. The BFI film has been included in quite a few compilations over the years, and I can't remember where or how I got my version, although I've had it for years.

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Lovely bit of old footage. Thanks for the link.

A few highlights that struck me:

No Health & Safety concerns in 1959 when you see the showmen assembling the big wheels and the guy on The Meteorite at 7:30 must have a death wish! You can see the Manning girls playing hockey behind the dignitaries at the opening ceremony and what about those brassware prizes on one of the stalls? I lived on Russell Rd from 1961 to 1973 and my friend Peter Tulley and I used to go down on the fair every evening including when they were putting it up. Happy days indeed. Towards the end of the film there's a second opening ceremony featuring Lord Mayor William Derbyshire so that must be from 1965. He certainly knows how to juggle a coconut.

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