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4 minutes ago, iandawson said:

Not a great knowledge of Beatles LP,s

Got a paper fold over Revolver on Capitol.

Sgt. Pepper on Odeon.

White Album,2000 something number?


I have a reasonable knowledge of their records, sounds like your Revolver is American, the Sgt P could be German or Japanese and the White album has a low number if its in the two thousands which again is valuable.

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2 minutes ago, IAN123. said:

Cheers nnsc..i bought that cabinet from an old Chapel...and converted it for my Stones collection.7000 plus albums were sprawled about the Den now houses everything 45's, 12",cds cassettes and albums.

A soundtrack to my life really.


Wow, that's some collection you've got there!

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4 hours ago, IAN123. said:

Yes nnsc..i have two Faust Lp' on clear vinyl.

The James Gang featured Joe Walsh on Guitar..on the Bluesway label


Great track with an unusual ending.

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