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For all of you out there who love our Queen. Well done Elizabeth We are so proud of you. Click on the link on the right of the page for a picture of the Queen for every year of her reign. http://www

Austerity finally hits the royals

Our queen is a must, she has never put a foot wrong, always looks good and has served our Country well, she is 89 and still working, any other person would have retired 24 years ago, the lesser Royals

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On 9/9/2015 at 3:25 PM, FLY2 said:

Roll on Saturday for the Last Night of the Proms


You'll not be singing Rule Britannia or Land of Hope & Glory & God Save the Queen at this years Proms (might please some on here?) it's to patriotic, snowflakes. 




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Excuse me

Yes- what do you want?

I’d like to buy a car

And you are?

Mr Brew

No you’re not


You’re not Mr, that’s a gender specific salutation and not allowed

Oh OK I’m Jim

No you’re not, keep up this patriarchal, non-gender fluidity attitude and we’ll have you

Oh sorry, can I have that one in Black?

You’re really pushing now aren’t you?

OK a white one

NO you can’t, white is the colour of Caucasian imperialistic aggression and the oppression of minorities

A blue one?



Making a choice means you’re discriminating – you’ll get what you’re given.

Sorry, are you joking?

JOKING! Are you mad? Don’t you know jokes are hate crimes now?

Good lord really?

Right that’s it I’m calling the police.  You can’t mention religion in a public place. Have you any idea how many that might offend?...


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Been watching the excellent coverage of the Queen & Co laying wreaths @ the Cleopatra in Whitehall on BBC, where’s Harry & Andrew? And strangely not a mask in sight? 




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Harry & Andrew were they missed?  The occasion was minimal but just as emotive as was the Beebs offering last night some of the tributes were very moving.  One item will stick in my mind when this poem was read out. Written by a Canadian Pilot Officer shortly before he was killed in the Battle of Britain I photographed it some years ago at Fenny Bentley, Fighter Command HQ, I have posted it before but I think it's worth repeating>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2015-No8024.jpg

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Re Missing persons, total  numbers were limited due to Covid restrictions, there were very few Ambassadors, the ones that were there represented several of the missing ones.

No masks but everyone had a mark to stand on to ensure distancing.

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Tomorrow night out tv is starting to show a series on the life and times of Queen Elizabeth. It should be interesting.

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