Fairfield Street, Radford

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My mother was adopted, so I have very little information about her at all. I have plenty on my father's side but very little about my mother. There is a family tragedy connected to this adoption.

By pure chance this weekend I saw my mother's birth certificate for about 30 seconds. I could not see much of it and could not really read the handwriting. This was my mother's birthplace.

What I could see was something like " 16 Fairfield Street" This was in Nottingham, as the registry office was in Nottingham. I am a little vague about the address. It was possibly Fairford Street or something like it. It is also likely to have been in the Hyson Green/Radford area. The birth was in 1934. My mother was adopted to a place in Hyson Green which I again cannot identify. It was Edsor Grove possibly. I saw a photograph taken during the war and it is a row of terraced houses linked by a narrow bricked path, not possible for a car to pass. I think this place was close to Radford Road, and on the right as you head into the city. Possible close to Berridge Road. Possibly between Bobbers Mill Road and Berridge Road. Certainly not as far as St Paul's Church on Radford Road, where my parents were married and I was christened. I visited the area at the weekend but there is nothing left of that area now. I cannot work out the geography at all.

Could you mapmeisters and general geniuses about Nottingham help me in this?

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Thank you. I never knew my maternal grandfather but it is certain he knew of me. He lived in Radford. My father's family would not permit any connection and I was too young to understand. I know when he died but within the family it was something, to this day, that is not talked about, but enough came out that there was something, even to my naive mind.

My maternal grandfather certainly drank in the pubs (mostly the Clock off Birkin Avenue) and knew of me when I was of age to drink there. I could not identify him but my family would recognise him and in the passage of time I cannot be sure of what happened. I was certainly prevented from talking to him.

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I can't find any reference to anything called Edsor Grove, or similar. Any other suggestions, or other roads nearby?

To find who lived on Fairfield Street you need to look at electoral registers. I think I'm right that you aren't in Nottingham, but I could wander in to the archives and have a look.

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Thank you both.

The location is correct as I went to Hedsor Grove as a small child and we walked from Bobbers Mill Road. I must have walked past Selhurst street thousands of times during my life and yet did not recall it until I saw that photograph. I think the place on the left in front of the Traveller (cant see if its a mini or a moggie) was a fruit and veg warehouse. I can recall the smell even now. Fresh oranges and the earthy smell of potatoes and carrots.

Actually Cliff Ton I was in Nottingham yesterday and called in at my favourite shop very close to there (Bombay Sweet Centre) to stock up on bhajis and other lovely stuff) and never thought about Selhurst Street.

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Cliff Ton

I live near Durham and usually regularly visit my parents in Selston who arent too well, to look after them rather than do anything else. This means that I can get for a pint at the Plough and some onion bhajis or a curry but not a lot else. I would be grateful for any digging you can do for Fairfield Road in 1934! Hedsor Grove was the home of my mother's adoptive parents.

A closer look at the map and the warehouse I am talking about is on Berridge Road. That fits in with my memories in that it was before Hedsor Grove on my walk from Bobbers Mill Road.

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Welcome to Nottstalgia Christine.


If you haven't already tried it, you can get information about residents at Fairfield Street at the Nottinghamshire Archives  http://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/culture-leisure/archives


They have the electoral registers for this area and you'll find the names of all the adults who were living there at any given date.


(and I've now replaced the missing photo of Fairfield Street).

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16 hours ago, Christine Mitchell said:

I have just joined the forum today. My Dad lived on Fairfield Street before he married in 1933 and I'm trying to find out who else lived at the same address for my ancestry history.


Can you tell us your dad's name.  We might be able to help here as well.

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Get a copy of your dad's birth certificate.  Fortunately there was only one Ernest Spencer born in

Nottingham in the December quarter 1906.

You should be able to find your dad in the 1911 census to give his parents and maybe some  siblings.

Look either side of his family house in the census because relatives often lived nearby.

The 1939 census, although all details are not yet released, could be of help.

Voter's lists might be held at the Records Office.

Possibly the baptism registers of the nearest church might be of help.

There wasn't a census in 1941 because of the war.  

Join the Nottingham Family History Society.


I hope that lot is of help.


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I have already got my Dads birth certificate which shows his address and is also the same address in the 1911 census which shows that he had a brother.  No father was on that census. It's after 1911 that I've lost track of them all. I have all my Fathers info since he married in 1933 but it's between 1911 and 1933 that I don't know where they lived, I cannot trace his Mother(my Grandmother) or his brother at all after 1911. I will have to check the records that you suggest. I also don't know whether my Dad had any other brothers or sisters between that time. I thought the 15 Fairfield  street address which was on my Dads marriage certificate to his first wife may reveal that info. His first wife died in 1935 after child birth and I also don't know what happened to the child.

Thanks for your help Bing.

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