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At least 15 of the songs,even if the original version by the artist listed, are not the original version of the song. But that's just me being picky. If you like the versions listed, go for it.

At a quick look I'd say that songs number 35, 36, 48 and 52 aren't by the original artists.

You can't say that from what's supplied. E.G. Chicken Shack had a hit with 'I'd Rather Go Blind'. OK, it was done earlier by Etta James, but the question here is is this the original Chicken Shack release? Also, Cat Stevens both wrote and recorded 'First Cut is.. etc. You may know it from P.P Arnold, or others but Cat recorded it.

OK, from my knowledge... others may know more...

2. Don't Throw Your Love Away by the Searchers is a version of the same song originally a B side for the Orlons. (USA)

4. Silhouettes., Herman's Hermits. Originally by The Rays (USA)

9. Wayward Wind. Recorded 1956 by Gogi Grant, (USA) Jimmy Young and others.

11. Poor Man's Son was originally by the Reflections from USA.

12. Originally James Ray. (USA)

25. Tommy Edwards 1958. (USA)

26. Jerry Butler 1965 (USA) Scott Walker copied it pretty much phrase for phrase.

Other covers further down the list are pretty well known, although 60 'Go Now' Moody Blues is not as well known to be a cover of the Bessie Banks original.

Thing is though. All songs on the disc were hits for the artists listed, so the only issue is whether the original recordings by those artists are being offered, which is the point Fynger makes in #4.


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