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we have two friends visiting from Devon apart from the Trip and the Bell where else is worth a visit ,they are only here for tomorrow,any ideas ta

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What pubs ?

Lincolnshire Poacher - Mansfield Road

Vat & Fiddle - Queens Bridge Drive.

Organ Grinder - Canning Circus.(Alfreton Road0

Barrel Drop - Hurt's Yard

King Billy - Manvers Street.

Hand & Heart - Derby Road

Crafty Crow - Friar Lane.

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Bulwell town gets a lot of negative press Ian, we know that's not quite accurate, some hard people live here but I still love the place.

Even after a day trip to Skeg I always like it when I get back find the house not burgled !!

Only joking of course ! That is "Bulwell Humour" for you, but being a Bulwell lad yersen you already know that !

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OK,you needed 3 previous convictions to drink in the Jockey,but I never had any bother on a night out in Chinatown, staggered home from the Golden trouble,good honest people and to be honest,the only place left that you will hear Nottm sayings and the Accent!! Snenno and even the Medders..all watered down( so to speak). Set me up for life it did!!

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