Nottingham City Waterworks

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Trickeymicky. I think you will find that the two traction engines you saw are now on display in the Industrial Museum at Wollaton Park. At the recent Open Day one of them was in steam - the other's boiler is not certified. I asked the young chap who was with the engine what he knew about them. They were built in 1929 by Fowler (I think) and were the last engines made by them. They were made for a foreign country and while on the dockside awaiting shipment overseas the deal fell through. They were then purchased by Nottingham Council, hence the reason that their registrations are consecutive.

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Mention of traction engines always reminds me of the two that were at Goose Fair, which were operated by Pat Collins of Bloxwhich I believe. Beautiful specimens. I haven't seen them for many years. I hope they are preserved somewhere.

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#2 that brings back memories NCWW stamp on taps and tanks ,and the green water board Lambretta scooter combinations with Watsonion Bambi sidecars,I wonder if any of those are still around?

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I seem to remember the two Fowler "ploughing"engines might have been used at Stoke Bardolph, always work in pairs pulling a plough between them, engines were positioned side facing and a wire rope was fed from the drum under the engine to the plough, the other end of the plough had a wire rope attached that rean to the other engine drum, three man operation, one on each engine and one on the plough, I believe there is or was a plough at the museum,

Fowler engines were built at Leeds


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