Nottingham from above - Castle Gate

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Another episode. The road on the left is Friar Lane; the entrance to the Castle is in the bottom left corner. The road in the centre-right is Castle Gate, and if you follow it along you come to the still-standing M & S building (white building in the centre-right). Most of the buildings in the lower half were demolished for Maid Marian Way.


Market Sq

Shakespeare St

Parliament St


Mount St



Broad Marsh Canal Street

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Some trivia information,

Charles Frederick Shaw (1878-1959), a Nottingham man took Britain's first aerial photograph on September 30th 1910. He used a bulky plate camera and went up in a Farman biplane.

The first press photographer to be employed by the Nottingham Guardian in the early part of the 20th Century. He and his wife Hessie (nee Gamble) lived in Park Ravine, The Park. In 1930 he left the Nottingham Guardian and wrote the Newsman's Notebook in the Nottingham Evening News under the pen name of The Scribe. He died in August 1959
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Two points occur to me on looking at it again.

1. It's the one with the most buildings which are no longer standing.

2. The Ned Ludd corner appears again, and it looks to be an empty space at that time. (Friar Lane / Spaniel Row. On the far left, a white rectangular end wall).

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