Grimston, Wordsworth, Glentworth Rd area in Radford

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I know Alpha, I used to drive em. But it Didnt start at Crown Island, it came out the depot at the start of duty and went straight to Valley Road, turned round and continued along the boulevards to Dunkirk Island. Later it was extended to Clifton. This has been discussed on another thread .

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The year had to be 1957,me mam had bought me some new shoes,you know the type,black leather with shiny leather toe caps,lace ups with rubber soles,I'm sure all the men have had a pair,anyroadup there

Now reading this post and especially Wordsworth road jogged my memory,this was another chapter in my life albeit a small one,about 1957/58 for some reason we left Bathley st the Meadows and headed for

I gave you a like Rog not because I like what happened to you. It's because I like reading your post.

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