Black Hand Gang

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You're a member of a "gang" here Robbie !

Been up to no good   

I really do envy you lot for being part of a gang as kids. Unfortunately I never had that luxury, by the time I was eleven I had already lived on three council estates, Bilborough, Clifton and Bestwoo

We used to take a train out to Awsworth. There was a fishing lake just down from the station, and an abandoned farm and outbuildings. We split into two groups, each taking pot shots at the other with air guns and rifles. My mate was taking aim with his rifle and was hit on his right hand between thumb and forefinger, just below his right eye. We stuck to fishing and minor vandalism after that.

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Just clicking around on a few signs on our new NS. I clicked Topics I had started and found this old thread. "The Black Hand Gang".I have just spent half an hour laughing at the replies you have all added. Really started my day off with a laugh. You Nottstalgians have added some brilliant memories on here. We didn't have much, but we made the best of everything.


I enjoyed it that much, I think I will read all the posts again. :rotfl:

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