Long Eaton revisited...

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Must be 20 years+ since I visited Long Eaton......

Hoping to use my freebie 'wrinkly' bus pass, on next weeks jaunt, to rectify the situation.

Could BiP, Mick, etc perhaps recommend where I might enjoy a nice lunch/pint, adjacent to the Market Place?

No gyppo grub for me.....ta!

Went free to Buxton on the 'Trans-Peak' service from Broad Marsh yesterday.

Enjoyed it immensely - only allowed myself 2 hours there - must go again, loads more to see.

Have arrived in the 20th Century by investing in a digital camera: nice camera, crap operator...

Took a few pics yesterday and plan to take more on my local travels, as I acquire some basic skills.

Hope to load them onto my 'Fotopic' website, as some occupational therapy for the summer months.


Robt P.

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Den, thanks for your recommendation.....

Went into The Litten Tree for a pint and a snack at lunchtime.

Very enjoyable, nice place....plenty of fighting room!

Not over impressed with the shops and market....

Rather a more sophisticated version of Bulwell, but considerably fewer 'toothless women in curlers' on show.


Robt P.

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:Friends: Basicaly rob i think they are all the same :Friends: I shop in Beeston aswell as Long eaton. I find Beeston best simply because at the weekends getting into and leaveing Long Eaton is a nightmare, traffic lights every twenty yards humps on the main roads aswell as speed cameras everywhere, ridiculous.IMO.

I avoid shopping at the weekends do mine in the week much less stressssssssssss. !jumping!

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