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I've not given this any thought but one name that came to me was John Mayall. He's done so much for the UK's Blues scene over many years and brought on many Bluesmen through his band, The Bluesbreaker

My Dad

Aunty. Ooops, I thought I was on the Word Game.

Don't know Bubble, I never really liked them. Was into Family, The Nice, Peter Bardens, Atomic Rooster, TYA, Jeff Beck Band, Fleetwood a Mac, Chicken Shack, Free, Taste, Pretty Things, Groundhogs, Savoy Brown Blues Band, Tim Rose, Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (they made some good albums before Aynsley went stateside)

Do you remember a compilation album entitled 'Hard Up Heroes ' dedicated to the multitude of bands that trudged endlessly up the M1 and never made it big. I've sold all my vinyl, but I remember it had Timebox on it. Great album.

Love Bob Segars The Rock and Turn the Page....... Definitely underrated.

As is Pat Benatar, Patti Smith, Tom Petty etc etc.

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I too sold all my vinyl when I had some money problems (my own fault)

Some are now worth quite a bit

Jimi Hendrix Band of gypsies (on Track puppets on sleeve)

Quadrophenia - The Who again on track

The First Hawkwind LP

A head rings out - Blodwyn Pig

My money sense has now improved and I have built up a nice collection of CDs & I have managed to buy some of the older stuff.

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Exactly the same scenario here Bubble. Currently building up my CD's.

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Even my mate Chulla,might spot Bertie Lasky and these overlooked ones from Clockwork Orange record shop scene:


Mass in G..goggly Gogol.

Really Play..Johnny Zhivago.

Sweaty Club..The Humbers.

Inside.. The Heaven Seventeen.

Dogs and Cats..The Bread Brothers.

Switch Me On..The sharks.

Downey..The Blow Goes.

Jelly Roll..The Legend.

Black Christmas.. Cyclops.

Art Nouveau..Comic Strips.

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Richard Parkes Bonington, 1802-1828. He was a fine arts painter and was born in Arnold but spent much of his early years in the city of Nottingham. The Wallace Collection holds many of his pictures and there are a few pictures in the Castle Museum.

Another famous person who lived in Nottinghamshire is William Lee of Calverton Village who invented the stocking machine, which swept through Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. It was one of the inventions which went hand in hand with the Industrial Revolution.

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Frankie Miller !  Got two more CD' this week Long Way Home, Dancing in the Rain. LWH is outstanding. Brilliant voice and the most raw soulful and real music imaginable.

For anyone interested in Rod Stewart or Otis Redding, listening to this guy is a must ! 

Get on utube and get blasted.

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