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Freddie Mills annual with autograph, presented to me after boxing tournament for Grundy School of Boxing Radford. Mills was found dead in his car in 1965, a bullet hole in his head and a shotgun betw

Bro, I was with mam when we were walking through Battersea Park and I remember him walking towards us and mam saying in her best BBC voice, [that she usually saved for answering the phone] Hello Fredd

Oh yes, they were very proud of Ingemar Johansson, and also the fact they beat England at football around 1959, never heard the end of that all the 27 years I lived there. I met Ingemar Johansson si

I KNEW Paul Sheehan thru one of my sons,back in the Radford boys days,don't know him well,.......ive not had much to do with the Ametuer scene since the Smiths and Robin Hood at Mansfield finished,..........we used to sponsor Robin Hood by providing Security,.....some great blokes gave the Ametuers real time,but towards the end of my involvement,alot of football type so called supporters spoilt some of the nights,......shame really,

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Crikey quarter to five - the link if your up 



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