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LP sleeves were an artist's paradise. Some were so good that they are now being used as wall decorations and being framed. I bought these two yesterday for 80p each and although not among the best there is, they will do ok in my little museum of tat::


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Some fabulous art featured on some of the LP covers. I alwyas had a soft spot for some of the clever die-cut designs such as:

The Faces Ooh La La

Led Zeppelin III

The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

Some of them were very creative and memorable and I feel their loss is a sad one to the music industry. They added a tactile and 'collector' feel to buying music which is less present nowadays.

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Went into Oxfam in West Bridgford the other day looking at LPs. They have a copy of Revolver for sale for only £150. Other Beatles albums ranged from £30 up to £75.

We walked out thinking that they must be having a laugh!

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Rob,Oxfam have their own vinyl maestro..who prices them..he/she must be about 15 as the prices are way off beam.

I have framed some Rolling stones album jackets.Garrard & Lofthouse were great quality and 'clarfoil' sleeves always last!!

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The best offer I got was they'd pick up for free!

There were a couple of early Rolling Stones albums, both with my sisters initials on the back I seem to remember. I'm still amazed she hasn't mentioned it over the years.

There were a few more, don't ever mention the Everlys :ninja:

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Bubblewrap: I think Roger Dean's Yes albums are all classics. I have a couple and I shall dig out 'Tales from a Topographic ocean' and photograph it for this thread, maybe tomorrow. A friend of mine, when I lived in Nottingham, used to know Roger Dean.

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