Wollaton Hall Museum

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My mum’s father was a tenant farmer in Saundby,  near Gainsborough.  They lived in Saundby Park which had a long drive up to the house.  Mum recounted how she was once looking out of her bedroom window as a little girl in the very early 20th century watching Lord Middleton being driven up towards the house for a visit.  I think he owned the house and farm.

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I too have happy memories of Wollaton Hall. We used to go quite often on a Sunday afternoon, an oasis to my Radford home and to many from the built up suburbs. The 'adventure playground' with the zip

Surprised we do not have a dedicated WOLLATON HALL tread? It is in NOTTINGHAM after all?  I do not want to start a new tread & watch it buried under song association, hows you day &

When aahh wur a lad...   I was in the Wolf Cubs.  We went on a specially arranged visit to Wollaton Hall.  This would be around 1960.   We were shown the long tunnels in the sandst

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't  there used to be four cannons at the top of the entrance steps? Two on either side. We, as kids used to sit astride them and pretend we were shelling Bilborough and Wollaton.

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I can’t remember the cannons to be honest BK but perhaps someone else will.


Hi Alpha did the Middletons build it, never knew the family name of those that owned it I must admit. I think I heard/read that their land stretched right up to Bramcote including the Hemlock Stone.
When all this silliness goes away (if ever) I would like to go on the tour, want to see the haunted room and the ballroom and go up on the roof as well. 


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I’ve been on a tour of the Hall many many years ago, must have been in the 1960s or early 70s.  We were taken onto the roof and all over the inside of the building.  

We used to live a couple of miles from a more or less exact copy of Wollaton Hall ..... Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire.  Mentmore was built in the 1850s for the Rothschild family,  around 300 years after Wollaton Hall was built.  I had a tour of this building when we lived that way but it had lost many of its grand internal features as it had new owners, strange Transendental  Meditation folk, led by Yogi Maharishi somebody or other.   They didn’t last long  but I’ve no idea what’s occurring there these days.  

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