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The thin TV's don't have speakers, they use transducers, no way in the world will they sound good, because they are so small they only reproduce high frequency sounds. For good sound reproduction, yo

That's a very valid point. The highest frequency the human can hear is around 20,000 Hz. Many folk aged 60+ may not manage to pick up half that, certainly applies to me. Good job we can hear (and feel

Bravia40x,samsung ue55ju6800,5mbpx netflix,bandwidth5mbtx,streaming,.............i know ive woke up this morning,but what planet am i on ?

If you go to JL or RS you will good unbiased advice.

I went to C/PW in Loughborough, the lad there talked a load of rubbish.

CPW have certain sets they push, despite them not being the best buy for you.

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Dave, where would you find a wall in a UK house big enough to mount a 55 inch TV to??? LOL

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Whats wrong with Amazon don't they have the best price?

And the best return policy.

Ps . That Cessna plane is a 336 not 422 the predictive text changed the numbers no idea why.

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Live in Shropshire, previous dish had access to Nott's TV, 1080 is not available on standard freeview, I have no internet access, I assume you are using a internet variant? I was referring to Local news..

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BBC did run a "test ' 4k about four years ago, Wimbledon, also do recall a couple of episodes of Richard Attenborough, appeared dark to me.

4k technology is now old news, simply a reworking of the 'HD Ready con'...unless you have  Netflix and Sky add on, sound familiar? 

The more you push the resolution, the more you'll pay for a TV..if you want results, not to the retrograde of footage pre 1980.


Why is regional TV not 'HD?

Is it do to a  woeful inefficient service or the regional sharing of a number?

Either way makes no sence to me!


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Haven't sold anything to me for over ten years! Theres video footage out there that I won't see in it's 'definitive' form in my lifetime, has zero to do with technology..if given to the right hand's..


I do get your point, Phil....

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