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Just in a small way perhaps but I was very pleased to read this news. The Bonington Theatre is set to hold cinema nights with some new, enhanced equipment, including a seven metre screen.

It's been some years since there was anything like a real 'pictures' night around the town though there have been dabblings. The Roxy at Daybrook disappearing many years ago and in th centre of the town, at the original and very grand Bonington Theatre.

No parking, £5.50 admission (and a twenty-minute walk for me personally)

Welcome back!

Arnold's Bonington Theatre to show latest blockbuster films thanks to new equipment

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I'll have to check that one out Stu on one of my many visits to Arnold !

It's well worth a visit. Owned by Everards/Lincoln Green Breweries, it's focused on real ales and a wide range of ciders.

The pub is ancient - probably the oldest pub in a town of some quite old pubs.

I thought the old place was dead and buried after some hard times but like a phoenix, it has come back to life - hooray!

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Alot of it in Bulwell too Sue,...................................writing that made me think of one of my most favourite films

'Rita,Bob and Sue too'

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