Alley off Long Row ?

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A nice shot of Long Row in 1949, from the Francis Frith collection mentioned by TrevorS a few weeks ago.

Found some alleyways here....including Hurts Yard and more Hurts Yard here

Coming soon, to a bookstore near you. The Escapades of Benjamin. So big, it will have to come out in 3 editions!

The Kong Nam always did a nice Char Siu.

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Very nice Kev,thanks,in first batch of pictures that alley runs behind Old Angel Inn and comes out on Carlton st.

Bottom of Hurts Yard was tiled because of Parrs?

Top of Hurts Yard(boarded up) that was a cafe we missed in the 'Elbow' thread.

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There's also Cannon Court of course, situated between Hurts Yard and the West End Arcade (apologies if already mentioned on this thread though I don't think it's relevant to the thread question). The pleasant Alley Cafe is tucked quietly away up there.


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It's not actually a rooftop cafe, Ian but I can recommend it. It's an interesting little meander up that court too, another little 'hidden' corner of Nottingham.

That's a really good question which I can't answer!

Present day and the Saltwater Bar in the Corner House offer a bit of rooftop atmosphere from the balcony. The Roebuck, natural meeting place of many a Nottstalgia diehard has an outside deck upstairs too.

Saltwater Bar

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Used to be an Alley up the side of what was Lyons Tea shop...think just gated off now,,,Lyons kept their old fashioned bins up there,,,anyway for reasons i won't go into,,,i was attacked at about 8am in the morning up that Alley,,by a man with a knife,,,luckily Lyons had their old bins out,,and i battered him with a lid,,,,scary but funny....''You could say ''i tin lidded him''..twas about 1965....

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