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A brilliant music producer who's received most recognition of course from producing the Beatles works.

About 12 years ago I had the privilege of spending an afternoon sitting chatting to him and he was absolutely charming. I'd been invited into an Executive Box at Goodwood, it was a wet August afternoon and no-one really ventured out onto the balcony to watch the races. Sir George was chatty and interesting. Didn't care for his wife much though, she appeared to be very snobby, looked a mess in her outfit and seemed to want everyone to know who she was. I shall never forget when they departed she said "Has anyone seen my umbrella? It's got Paul McCartney written on it".

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Slumming it again were you Lizzie ? LOL.

Seriously, he always comes across on TV as a very sensible and genuine down to earth and level headed man.

An absolute rarity in the 'music ' business.

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He certainly enhanced the Beatles careers. Although not my bag, their music was at times awe inspiring.

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I was never into the Beatles, I was more of a Blues, Rolling Stones, Rock & Roll/Rockerbilly, Jazz man. Then I was given the

'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' album in 1967. It was different to anything that had gone before and was to be copied

by so many afterwards. It was a good group meeting a genius, George Martin, and becoming legends of music.

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Always liked the comment George Martin made about how Phil Spector made a mess of "Long and Winding Road".

He wanted the record company to show that the track was produced by George Martin and over-produced by Spector after the latter added a full orchestra and choir to the song against the wishes of McCartney and Martin.

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