What happend in your life time

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Name five events that have happened in your life time.

1/ Mobile Phones from house bricks to hand held.

2/ TV From Black/White one channel to what we have to=day.

3/ Dog went into orbit Man landed of the Moon.

4/Freddie Laker gave us cheap flights.

5/ Mini Skirts and motor car.

There are lots more see what you can come up with?

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Hi mike2me

I know the internet covers lots of things but are their not other things you remember?

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1. WW2 ended

2. British Empire Went

3. England won world cup

4. USA Had a black President

5. Soviet Union breaks up.

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1. We had a woman PM

2. Man on the moon.

3. Murray wins Wimbledon

4. Forest win TWO European Cups ( When it was a proper cup competition)

5. Joined the EU for better or worse.

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It's true Kev, I've seen it on the telly !

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Uppers: For the full set: 2. Forest's glory years. 3. The internet. 4. Clean air legislation. 5. Mmmmm - can't think of another one.

Downers: 1.Margaret Thatcher. 2. Donald J Trump - potential. 3. Replacement of grants by loans for higher education. 4. Tax. 5. Tax

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Freedom for Women


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Churchills death

birth of the Beatles

assasination of Kennedy

first man in space

England winning world cup


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To follow on from Mary's post 16..........woman could now purchase a property on their own.

Equal pay

Erin Pizzy set up the first home for women suffering domestic violence .

Abortions became legal

HRT was available for those women who needed it

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1963 - John F Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

1963 - A gang of fifteen men steal £2.6m in the 'Great Train Robbery'.

1967 - Otis Ray Redding Jnr loses his life with members of The Bar-Kays in a plane crash at Lake Monona, Wisconsin.

1967 - The first human heart transplant is carried out by Dr Christiaan Barnard.

1990 - After 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela takes the walk to freedom.

1998 - 'The Troubles' result in political stalemate in Northern Ireland.

2016 (May) - Hibernian FC win the Scottish Cup.

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So much has happened that it is very hard to keep it to five so for this post I am going to stick to communications.

Sputnik launched - Listened to the bleeps on a ham radio

Telstar launched - Live pictures from around the globe.

Colour television

Portable entertainment - Transistor radios, Sony Walkman, CD players etc.

Communications - Mobile phones, laptops, Tablets, WWW/Internet etc.

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