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Sorry not Notts related but speaking of old photos , I got caught out with this one , on one of our local FB pages yesterday.

Chap that posted it also posted a document concerning a food riot in 1847 and intimated this was a picture of said riot . If it was , it would have been a sensational pic .

A few doubted it could be that old......apparently "action" photos weren't really possible until about 1870 .

I spent hours trawling the old newspaper archives trying to find a suitable riot in a later time-frame but couldn't find any news reports to fit so went on another message board to see if anyone could help date the image .

Turns out it's a photoshopped image ! The crowd scene is a cropped photo taken during the filming of the 2012 film Gangs of New York (this scene doesn't appear in the actual film) then plonked on top of an 1870 image of Redruth .

I have no idea who or why anyone would do this and the chap that put it on the page is a regular poster of normal nostalgic images , maybe he just thought it would be funny ? He hasn't come back with a reply yet .


Original 1870 street scene:


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