Nottingham from above - Broad Marsh & Canal Street

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Two enlargements taken from sections of one original photo.

This is the first version of Broad Marsh bus station, its location is approximately in the middle of the present day version. The factory at the bottom is Widdowson's on Canal Street. For another reference, the infamous Tower pub is in the centre across the top. (light-coloured building with a rounded corner).


On the same original photo was this stretch of Canal Street. The main building is Midland Magneto, remembered by many Nottstalgians. Note the ‘Player’s Please’ advert to the left of the entrance. The stacks of wood belonged to Fitchett and Wollacott.


A few others.

Shakespeare Street


Castle Gate


Mount Street


City Ground



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The lower photo just shows a point which can be forgotten - that there were two railway bridges over Canal Street. The main GC line going towards Arkwright St and over the river; and the line which branched off at Weekday Cross to go towards Sneinton.


Think of this as a ground-level view of the two main photos.

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Ian "IF" you really want to know try this book

The Great Northern Railway in the East Midlands Vol2(of 4) by Alfred Henshaw.

Also features the G.C. from Annesley -Weekday Cross

If you are interested in the G.C. or G.N.R. in the Nottingham area all 4 volumes are a must.

The books were published 1999 - 2003

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Got all four, and these books are an absolute mine of information and are certainly invaluable to anyone with an interest in local railways.

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I'll take a trip up there next week BW, it's not too far from me. I'll have a look at the sale items too, I got some good bargains last visit.

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Been on their web site today and there is no mention there.

I paid them a visit in October & was told publication would be the end of 2015.

I Know David is quite seriously ill so I expect this is the reason for none publication?

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Received from Amazon this morning, a lovely little book entitled 'The Great Central East of Sheffield , vol 1' , by Geoffrey Hurst.

Slightly off our area but a very descriptive book and mostly previously unseen pictures.

It's certainly keeping me occupied on a cold, grey, damp and miserable afternoon.

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