Photographic Studio, Front Street, Arnold

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Hello All ;) It's a great hope that a member of this forum can assist me in my request. Many years ago on Front Street in Arnold there was a photographic studio located there - it is my belief that the studio ceased trading on Front Streetin 1987/1988. It was this very same photographic studio that took my parents wedding photographs. I know it may be an incredibly long shot but it would be my great hope to purchase the negatives if they still exist. This is where I need to know if the photographic studio's negative archive was relocated elsewhere or if it was thrown away or if the photographic studio merged with another??? If anyone can help or give me an guidance it would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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I think you will find the Studio was owned by Ken Hawkins. When he owned it he allowed a girl to have a flower stall in front of his shop.

When he sold up she bought it. Is she still there? She might be able to help. 1n 1995 Ken was working a a photographic technician at

Police HQ. Will be long retired now.

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Many thanks. I'll be in Nottingham in May, so I'll have a look round Arnold to see if the lady is still running her business from there. Although my Parents have a wedding album, there was another album created which had all the photographs taken at their wedding for people to order their copies - my Mum always regretted not getting all of the photo's for her album.

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