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Yes I remember that trip .

Still in my memory that at the bottom of the shaft on leaving the lift it was like entering an underground well lit city.

After the underground train journey and the walk along a further tunnel we ended up crawling on our hands and knees along a low tunnel to a coal face . 

Fine , except I was first in and last out of that tunnel and was worried about being left behind .


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If it works I am starting this thread with a photo of probably class 4A1 (1964), a good many of the class stayed on for an extra year to take the new CSE exams. How many can you name?

I recognize some of the faces no names though, as carni says we were working by then. I must say they did look very smart things must have changed after we left carni.

Took a stroll around what was the spoil tip, now part of Gedling Country Park.  As previously mentioned, from the classrooms used to watch the buckets tipping so stood on what is now a grassed bank and took a photo of the old school - sadly the bulldozers are moving in next week! 




Had to zoom in a bit so not the best of pictures but shows the school and Perlethorpe Avenue which on a bike was very dodgy, especially turning the corner at the bottom!

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