What do you call these?

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My kids used to call them by both names Tip Top or Ice Pop. Depending where they bought them from. The nearest thing we had in the Olden Days :biggrin: was a Jubbly. Cor, I used to make some good slurpin' noises with a Jubbly. Tipping it up every so often to drink the thawed orange juice.

Luverly Juberly. :biggrin:

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Just done a quick poll at our Bible study group about what the ice thingys are called and it was 6 to 2 for ice pops versus ice poles. So even here on the Cambridgeshire Fens, there's dissension. Fortunately we agree on many other things..... None of them (except me and Paul) had heard of the word sucker, though - they insist it's 'ice lolly'.

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