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About this time of year the local council get out their JCBs and clean out the roadside drainage ditches. Any plants growing in the ditch are grubbed out and dumped. In anticipation of a local ditch being "Cleaned" I went out the other day and rescued a few Shuttlecock ferns to replant in the upper garden:


This is an Ash tree that I rescued from a similar ditch clean-out 22yrs ago:


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Our ditches have just been done but everything is chewn up and goes to the council compost tip. We once planted a row of wild roses on one of our boundaries. We also planted some hawthorn and blackthorn. At ditching time the contractor leveled the lot, although it was our land. French farmers don't like hedges of any sort.

We do have plenty of ferns though. Looking at some now, just 10' away.

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