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HI. I'm trying to locate a Abel Place, which was in the St Peter's district in Nottingham town centre, I believe it to have been mid way of Carrington Street late 1800's and disappeared sometime around 1901. I would like to find a map showing Abel Place. I hope has some information to help me find it's location.

I am currently trying to fill in some blanks in my family Tree. My great grandfather's family was Chambers and I'm told the were in the fabric or lace trade, unfortunately, any census records are not available yet, so I'm trying to find any information of a Chambers family known to have lived in Thurmans Yard and Traffic Street in the meadows, I believe around the 1920 to 1940. I would appreciate your help to answer these questions. I thank you in anticipation on look forward for help. Many thanks

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A bit earlier than you asked for but an Arthur Chambers living at Thurmans Yard , Orchard St. was fined for mistreating a pony in April 1891.

There are numerous adverts , mainly house-lets up to about 1914 for Abel Place , in each case they just say Carrington Street .

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Hi. I'm trying to find information about two families, the Chambers and Barton, who I believe to have lived in Houses between 32-54 Traffic Street close to the junction at Wilford Road. I'm not quite sure about the date, I think it would be late 1920 to 1940. If anyone can help with any information, it would be very helpful. Thank you..

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