Best Children's TV Of The Decade (1960s)

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Frank Nugent, Bob Cherry, Johnny Bull, Harry Wharton and Hurree Singh, whose full name (I think) was Hurree Ranjit Jam Singh.

I think it was Lord Mauleverer, a young aristocrat, and in the comic strip in the comic Knockout I seem to remember the school bully was called Bolsover.

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Thanks, Mr Imp. Was I right about Mr Quelch, and was he played by Eric Chitty? I could Google it but this is more exciting! That'll give you an idea of the sort of life I lead :No1:

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Yes, Mr Quelch was the master. I don't think Erik Chitty ever played the part (wasn't he in 'Please Sir'?). The actor I remember was Kynaston Reeves, who later was in some of the earlier episodes of 'The Forsyte Saga' as one of the elder Forsytes.

By the way, I only remember ever reading one actual Billy Bunter book - for me it was the TV series, and his appearance in The Knockout.

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Just watched an episode of Camberwick Green with my daughter, who kept saying "yes I remember that tune, that music box that character" etc etc all through it! We watched Windy Miller drinking cider and then falling asleep, the baker's shop running out of flour, Captain Snort's Military Academy 'going to fetch some more, then whistling down the wind' because the sails had stopped turning and everything turning out well in the end....aaah ..... Might just watch some more

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