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Here is the latest picture we have just got from neighbours of Barry's at his fictional house in Beeston, thought you all might like to see it, never been seen before. Lee

aufpet, I will email you on the subject as I worked at Central for 20 years and I am in contact with a number of people who worked on it.

Hi! I just wanted to let members know of the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Fan Gathering on July 26th later this year. We have Cast, Crew and Writers attending the event. Tickets are on sale now and will inc

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Welcome Aufpet.

Much discussion here about the filming locations.

Thanks for bumping the topic, look forward to your discussions.

Can we have a link to your site.

I suggest you put it in your signature to improve your google rating..

We would appreciate also a link on your site to our topic.

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Ok members.

Does anyone have any pictures or know the history of Barry's van?

I see that someone mentioned it being from the Notts area, and that someone local had it for sale. As the history of this van is unknown, it would be great to find out what actually happened to it, even if it is now Coca Cola cans up and down the country...


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The George hotel was on Hockley in Nottingham City.

You should find a video that I uploaded showing Mary as an extra, shopping In ASDA West Bridgeford. During filming one series.

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Sorry its a Still

Mary was known as Mrs Slocombe due to the beahive hairdo.

She was a character and not a woman to be messed with.

searching slocombe on the site brings up a few mentions.

Not sure which program this was from?


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I believe the cast and crew were staying at the George, and drank there, that would be why Mary got a walk on part.

Unfortunately she does not come across well as I recall. Awkwardly walking into the frame and glancing sideways at the camera.

She was a better barmaid than actress. One of the few that knew how to pour a Mann's Brown.

Unlike the barman at Yates's.

Me "A pint of Manns Brown please"

Barman (after looking through all the bottles in the fridge "I'm Sorry we don't sell 'Lansdown'"

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mary lived foxhill rd carlton my ex patlodged with her for a wile her daughter rosheen was a hairdresser hence the hair always neat and tidy whenever i saw her the family later owned the caroline club at netherfield dont know if they stll own the building

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Next year is the 30th Anniversary for the TV Show Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, and as you might know, the 2nd series was filmed in the Notts area. We are organising a Charity Evening/Exhibition in Newcastle in 2013, and need to track down people who worked on the show.

If you know anybody who was involved with the show, or have picture or memorabilia from when the filming took place, then please get in touch.

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Lee, I put a reference to your auf-pet site on a Facebook group which is used by ex-Central staff. Your name was on the message as a contact point.

Looking at it just now, it has been seen by 50 people, so I assume they are either thinking about contacting you, or can't think of anything to say!

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