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Raleigh Works Fire station was on Triumph road, (or was it Faraday Rd?) opposite one of the factory buildings. they had an ex City Fire Brigade Commer, 999 BTV, a 1958 vehicle bought off the Brigade in 1977. In either 1983 or 84 , it was apparently rolled down a 30 ft embankment, severely damaging it. I have tried to find out where/when/who but got nowhere.

Can anyone shed any light on this ?

Only asking as I once drove it to a fire (1972 or 3 ) and have actually owned it 20 years and still don't know what happened.

I did try Nottingham Evening Post, but got a nil return.

Fingers crossed..........

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I admit this photo could be almost anywhere in the world; it comes from one of the Old Lenton / Radford books by Chris Richards and is described as the Raleigh Fire Station on Faraday Road, taken in 1990 during demolition.


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Great response, thanks. So, it was Faraday Road,on the left at the Derby Rd end I think. I went there once to try and buy 999 BTV but was told it was reserved for a museum. The chap I spoke to there was Alan Salt, ex the City fire brigade. It was when it was being serviced and "roadtested" before delivery the accident happened. The museum took it, but decided to scrap it as it was considered past restoring. I couldn't see it scrapped and it was transferred to me.

That's why it is now the drop-side lorry in the photo's above. Restoration as the fire engine was simply not viable.

It was supplied by Cripps as a chassis cab and the City works department on London road built the body. Without the accident, it could have been back on London Rd at the opening of the new station in September.

Such is life.......

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